Spinnaker Capital Limited has provided more than $400 million in property development and bridging finance since 2009. If you are looking for a reputable non-bank finance alternative or second tier lender with flexible terms and quick turnarounds give us a call today!

Spinnaker Capital is a private lender on commercial and residential property development and bridging projects in New Zealand.  

  • Lending transactions range from $1 million to $20 million.  
  • Facilities can be interest only, capitalised interest, or a blend of the two.  
  • Depending on the transaction, Spinnaker Capital Limited will lend up to 100% of cost.
  • First and Second Tier Mortgage Providers

A number of borrowers can find it difficult to secure development funding from traditional sources. These are generally good borrowers who temporarily do not meet the banks credit criteria primarily relating to a level of vacancy in their commercial property or lack of presales in residential development.

As a private lender Spinnaker Capital have internal and external funding sources able to provide this funding. Because Spinnaker Capital is a private finance company, the credit process is very prompt. We communicate with borrowers so as to understand the terms necessary to obtain the funding. This can be a same day approval when urgently required. 

Spinnaker Capital Limited is associated with Reesby & Company Limited who are the largest and most experienced property finance team in New Zealand.

We endeavour to create wealth for our clients by providing innovative finance solutions.